Bill C-10 is a disgrace

On May 3, 2021, Rex Murphy exposed the Liberals’ Bill C-10 agenda to control social media. C-10, and other Bills Liberals have introduced, empowers them to regulate and censor what we say or believe.

The Bill is a communist document. The PM and his cabinet should resign for presenting it.

Recently, a gentleman suggested to me that communism in Eastern European countries of the 1930’s - 1940’s is not the same communism of today. I disagree.

From 1962 – 1967, I lived near the East/West German border. We were continuously on the lookout for surprise attacks from East German, Russian, Chinese or other communist regimes.

Along the border, Eastern European citizens risked crossing no-go zones that were ‘fenced’ with many miles of barbed wire/walls to prevent people from escaping communist lands.

They did not flee into communist controlled countries. They fled from being censored, fined, jailed or ‘cancelled’ for their beliefs as Trudeau is empowering himself to do to us with C-10.

People sought escape to the West for freedom, not censorship! Individuals and families sacrificed their lives in the attempt to escape communist tyranny.

Their bodies hung from barbed wire or barricaded walls, riddled with bullets of communist soldiers who shot them for seeking freedom in the West where they could speak freely.

Communism is the same today. Hundreds of thousands, even millions, make their way to freedom in the West, not to the East ruled by dictators and villains.

I submit that the communism of today is the same wretched and evil system it has always been, as are those who deceptively seek to control us.

Brutality is the communist way to forcibly keep citizens in control. Secret atrocities are now historical facts. That is the reality of Communism.

It created disasters in Russia, China, North Korea and every country where its evil footprint appeared.

It took only ten years to ruin Venezuela in our day. Hong Kong is on its way. It will repeat with a vengeance in Canada if we allow it under Trudeau.

Trudeau shut down political debate on C-10 but not his plan to control Canadians.

Dozens of lying politicians and dictators have convinced me that the tyrannical socialist governments defeated in the Cold War are the same lying demagogues seeking power today, with the same capacity to censure, lockdown, deceive, control and brutalize citizens that elect and trust them by introducing Bills like C-10.

Garry Rayner, West Kelowna

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