What is the point?

Here I sit totally vaccinated and can not go any where

What’s the point of all this shut down for all travellers when we had made plans that would be the least infecting in COVID times

We have booked months in advance for RV vacation to the Island to stay within our own province.

Booked RV sites and in some case had to pay deposits some of which are a substantial amount non returnable.

Booked the ferry crossings there and back

Put this all together for a travel holiday that is not in prime time holiday time so would be least busiest May 17 to June 12.

We have our own RV so basically we have our own bubble all we need is groceries which we would need anyways staying at home. We would not be dining out. And we are not partiers.

That’s the whole idea of RVing.

Our tours would be hiking and site seeing which we do at home.

So again what’s the point.

Peter Barmentloo

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