It is hard to understand

I can understand the reasoning behind the inter-provincial travel ban but the message and the plan need some fine tuning if it’s to be effective.

To have road checks on main highways that link different areas of the province to deter British Columbians from traveling outside of their health zones in order to rein in the third wave and help prevent the transmission of variant strains makes sense but only having signage and no road checks for travelers on the highways coming from Alberta where the per capita infection rate is the highest in North America defeats the purpose of curbing inter-provincial travel.

There are also problems with air travel, every week there are alerts listing the flights that were impacted with people who tested positive with Covid, four Kelowna flights this past week alone.

The virus isn’t selective and doesn’t care where travelers are coming from or what mode of transportation they use so unless automotive travelers from Alberta are treated the same as travelers from other BC health zones what do we gain by discriminating only against British Columbians traveling?

The same goes for air travel, how does curtailing automotive travel between health zones prevent the spread of the virus when people can fly between health zones as well as fly in from other provinces and countries?

Other than the 1% fringe the vast majority of us are willing to do what it takes to defeat the pandemic but half measures won’t get the job done, have a travel ban or don’t but if we have to endure a ban our leaders need to come up with regulations that are consistent.

Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country

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