Awards now political

Re: Oscars' viewership craters

Gee I wonder why?

Could it be wealthy lefty entertainers spouting propaganda? Maybe it is the new way of insuring the best of the best are not recognized but awards based on gender, race or sexual orientation?

I used to look forward to the AA’s every spring. Really funny hosts like Billie Christal and Bob Hope. Jokes that made me laugh and forget about my worries for a few hours. Then the show became so long it was a marathon. In 2003 the awards became political. A pulpit for the do as I say not as I do crowd.

Then the movies were not so entertaining anymore. They became an irrelevant comment on America. Many people my age and younger stopped going. Remember when you would go and have a reasonable cost to spend a family evening together?

Frankly, I am not sure how much a bag of double buttered popcorn and a small drink would cost today for a family of 4. But then again how many movies could a young family with under 10 year old children see?

Then the only was one award show, once a year. Now, I don’t honestly know. Probably one every two weeks. SAG awards, Golden Globes, Grammy Awards, NAACP Awards,BAFTA Awards,Independent Spirit Awards,Art Directors Screen Awards, ACE Eddie Awards, Country Music Awards and in Canada the Juno Wards. Plus I know I missed a lot. Entertainment industry patting themselves on the back for crappy entertainment.

Even the Award shows have lost entertainment value.

Gee I wonder why?

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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