What is the big debate?

Last week parliamentarians debated a bill banning conversion therapy. Most rational people already know the harms conversion therapy inflicts on individuals (mostly children) and believe this practice deserves no place in Canadian society yet a slew of conservative parliamentarians have been slow-rolling this bill through the House of Commons. The harms are well documented, so why are conservatives delaying this important piece of legislation? I can't help but think that the conservative party view LGBTQ individuals as subhuman and not worthy of compassion. This shouldn't be a surprise to any of us in the LGBTQ community.

We have never, ever, been able to count on Conservative politicians to do the right thing and, true to form, during the lengthy debate they proved themselves incompetent. One Conservative had the gall to play bible-baseball and quote an obscure scripture referring to LGBTQ as 'unclean' in the House of Commons. It turns out the conservatives want their priests and pastors to be able to 'cleanse' the unclean whether it harms children or not.

Again, they hold up the bible as a shield as they have done on so many occasions. Where were our local MP's Dan Albas and Tracy Gray during this attack on our children? Did Mr. Albas stand up and object to the language? No he didn't; He sat there and said nothing. Did Tracy Gray run to the media and decry this attack? No she didn't. In fact we didn't hear a peep out of either of them. I can only surmise it's because conservatives don't care about us, about our health or our wellbeing. That shouldn't surprise me, they care so little about so much.

Lance Greenberg

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