Support for Liberal budget

The Liberal Party unveiled their 2021 budget last week. I believe that it is an investment in all of Canada, for all Canadians and our collective futures.

For families, the budget announced that Ottawa expects to fund half the cost of $10/day national child care and early learning programs. This will help ensure both parents are able to work, if they chose, and further stimulate the economy.

The Liberals are increasing OAS payments by 10% to the current 3.3 million recipients aged 75 or older. They can also expect a one time $500 payment this August. As well, there is $3 billion earmarked to establish support to help ensure quality long-term-care homes for seniors.

The budget continues pandemic support for workers, plus small and medium size businesses - it proposes to extend the wage subsidy, rent subsidy, and lockdown support until September 25, 2021, for an estimated total of $12.1 billion in additional support.

To support low income families federally regulated industries will have a $15 minimum wage, sending a strong signal to provinces to boost minimum wages across the country.

The government is investing $18 billion in Indigenous communities, including $6 billion to help close infrastructure gaps and $2.2 billion for actions to end the national tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

On a local level the Liberals are investing $101 million in our wineries to help them adapt to ongoing and emerging challenges defined by local industry.

The Liberal Party team has done an incredible job leading us through the pandemic. Our strong economic fundamentals and the hearty resilience of individual Canadians will allow us to move forward and build back better. This inclusive budget will continue to ensure economic prosperity for all.

Sarah Eves, COSN Liberal Candidate, Merritt

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