I followed the rules

To the anti-vaxxers,

You are correct it is your right to refuse the vaccination.

Good Job!

I patiently wait for my second shot and understand that those vaccinated will be pretty darn safe for themselves and other vaccinated people.Once my government makes the announcement that all Canadians who wanted the vaccine have now taken it.

That will be the day that I pull off my mask, mandated, regulated, or ordered to comply by government. Not going to follow those rules. I did my job.

Canada will change forever. Lost jobs, financial hardship, bitterness will lead to a divide among Canadians.

To those who said I am not following these stupid rules.

Wait until you see restaurants, pubs, and private retailers posting a sign that says "Welcome Back,if you do not have a vaccination card you will not be allowed entry."

Wait until a job posting says you must be vaccinated to apply.

Wait until you want to go to a hockey game, movie or whatever.

You lived by your rules, you live with the result

You like protests, then wait for millions of Canadians country wide holdings signs that say " I followed the rules " and I want my life back

Kenneth Warren

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