Resolve Mona Wang's case

Re: Faith in system 'diminishing'

We have words, words and more words from Kelowna RCMP, but 14 months of inaction in the Mona Wang case of police brutality. Here are the words of Supt. Kara Triance to Kelowna council last week as reported by Castanet:

"Kelowna's new top cop says officers within her detachment will serve residents of the community with dignity and compassion.

Five months into the job, Supt. Kara Triance stood before city council with her vision for the next three years.

"The Kelowna detachment is proud to be a detachment of the RCMP. You can see in this (3-year strategic) plan one of the guiding principles is the mission, vision and values of the RCMP - taking us back to our core values," said Triance.

"The core values of honesty, integrity, professionalism, compassion, accountability, respect must be throughout all that we do as we serve this community."

Here is what the RCMP says about the Wang case, 14 months after promising quick action:

"A BC RCMP spokesperson said Thursday the Wang file “remains ongoing and progress is checked weekly.”

“The criminal investigation has been handled by police officers with Southeast District General Investigation Section. We don’t have a timeline with respect to the criminal investigation and the internal investigation also remains active and ongoing,” the RCMP statement said.

Const. Browning, meanwhile, remains assigned to administrative duties."

14 months of investigation into ten minutes of abuse that we have all seen on video?

Supt. Triance, does the RCMP think the Canadian public is stupid? Who would believe your words in view of

RCMP inaction?

RCMP is the architect of the destruction of its "core values". It has systematically through its own behaviour lost the trust of Canadians.

Please resolve the Mona Wang case now.

Graem Nelson, Creston

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