Was anyone consulted?

Re: Homeless site on the move

Has anyone heard the homeless camp is moving to a new temporary location?

The plan is to plant vegetation to “hide and beautify” the camp and provide soft ground to allow the tent pegs to be hammered in easier. The rail trail entrance East side of Richter will be through the new camp or at least beside it.

Several businesses within 100 metres have lone female office staff this could be an extreme threat to their safety, not to mention a senior’s apartment overlooking the camp 20 metres away.

Most businesses in the area had NO notice, while a select few had less than 24 hours. The letter was dated April 14, 2021. Work started April 15th 2021 at 7am. There was no other prior notification or contact about the move.

The cost of the new “temporary” camp must be huge. The move involves heavy duty equipment for excavation and landscape boulders, also the planting of greenery. Not to mention the lamp stands, lights and cameras. All this to move the temporary site 100m to the new “temporary” site. The old site had NO businesses within 100m, was a more secure site and had access from 2 roads. The new site has access from 1 road and has several businesses and residences within a 100m. This seems less suitable than the old site.

The city has not defined “temporary”. With the current work being performed and the planned landscaping, it does not seem temporary.

I do see an intercity power transmission pole in the middle of the camp. Is this a safety hazard to the campers? Does the electro magnetic radiation affect the campers? The lamp standards are also under the main transmission lines. Could the high voltage spark across to the lamp stands and electrocute the campers? Does this seem like a suitable site to you? Would you camp there?

Could this spark also back feed into the grid and blow up near by heavy equipment and computers? Was Fortis consulted about this?

Was Canada post consulted? The camp borders the post office through a chain link fence where there is a couple dozen post office vans. The rural route workers and letter carriers work out of this office, most of them are women. What about the safety of these workers? Was the union notified or consulted?

It seems the city has again abandoned tax paying citizens and businesses and increased financial strain on already Covid beaten down businesses. The cost of the increase in theft and vandalism will be down loaded on the neighbouring businesses as well as the increased threat to health and safety

The stain on the reputation and safety of the rail trail tourist attraction will now continue for the foreseeable future.

Alan Ewbank

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