Money needs to be made

People that are at home collecting Covid benefits are the people that are having more gatherings and spreading the virus. They are simply bored. Get a job!

People that are travelling interprovincially for work are the people that are staying in and self-isolating due to not wanting to shut down their respective job sites.

People that are travelling within our country should have the right to do so. Just be mindful of others and be respectful. There should not be a government approval for this or a questionnaire. Just be smart about it.

Those who are scared, well... this one is simple - stay home!

I have been a resident of the North Okanagan since 1996. However, due to the lack of work in the interior, my job often takes me out of province. Because of this, I also have an Alberta residence. The majority of my time is spent at work, in Alberta. For this reason, my truck that I use to commute with has Alberta plates. So, rather than just complaining when you see my truck rolling down the highway, if this is actually a concern to some, start educating yourselves with the reality that not everyone who lives in BC necessarily works in BC. People need to not just assume that vehicles with out of province plates are visitors. It would be better addressed as an ICBC issue more than a non-essential travel accusation.

My company is still a BC registered company, and my home that was purchased more than 11 years ago, is my companies registered address. Everyone in my community is aware that I leave for work, as most of them do as well. It causes me great concern that so many people can't seem to understand that this is a way of life for so many.

Money still needs to be made, and money still needs to be spent in order to strengthen our economy.
Our government, the "leaders", have not the slightest clue as to what they are doing and it is simply embarrassing.

Just be better!

Joe Smith

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