Stop the right type of travel

I have way more concerns about inter-regional traffic and inter-provincial travel than within one's own health authority. Many people commute from one community to another to work. Also, from a retail business owners perspective during a time when sales have already taken a massive hit due to covid, I can't survive on the people from just within my community. Many of my customers come from other communities in the Okanagan Valley. We need each other.

I also believe that if it is not ok to gather in restaurants, in our homes or even now apparently, outside of our homes, then it most definitely should not be ok to shop at the mall, Costco, Walmart, Superstore etc. The number of people waiting in line up almost shoulder to shoulder for Costco is appalling! The number of people wandering the mall with absolutely NO number restrictions to enter is just frightening.

There is absolutely no logic in what is ok and not ok to do. If we need to keep our numbers small then I'm sorry, but big box stores should NOT be exempt.

I think the most important thing is to restrict entry to BC from the Alberta border except for essential travel and restrictions should also be enforced on the three main highways from the Lower Mainland. That at least keeps the interior of BC safer from the main outbreak numbers. Asking people not to travel is like asking people to register their guns. Only the people who follow the rules will do it. It will have absolutely no effect on the people who only care about themselves.

Sheryl Bossons

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