Solution to vaccine passport

It seems there is ongoing discussion about a vaccine passport and the reasons: for and against plus what the process might take.

Given that there are literally thousands of "health authorities" countries/states and so on that could mandate some kind of document, it seems like an impossible task to sort out the format and procedures for setting up such a process.The ability to "sign up" and buy one online is probably already a reality, put in place by scammers much like the often abused. For example, service dog vests and cards that aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

But wait, there is some good news on this front.

Through a BC resident's "Medical card", the new plastic photo ID one, it is possible to "put your card online" through the BC government's Service BC app. From there you can access your full health records, including all the data generated on the little card they hand you, post shot(s).

After I received my first shot and went home about a week back, I checked the BC "health gateway" on my phone and the vaccine info was already on there. Also there was every doctors visit, procedure, scrip and other related info like my shingles shot given in 2018.

Having this app on your phone makes it possible to show any entity that might demand such info, that you've indeed had the jab.

I won't get into what naysayers and anti-vaxxers might have to say about this but the facts are, all this info is already "on file". Now you have a way to access your info.

Alan Sanderson

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