More travel restrictions?

There should not be further travel restrictions. I maybe I'm naive or have too much trust in people but if you want to go somewhere or do something you should be fully able to do it. There are associated risks that you will be taking in order to travel or do certain activities but we should not be restricted by law. For those who feel unsafe, they are fully able to stay at home, wear masks, and not enter society. It's really that simple.

I would be in strong favour for guidelines to prevent further spreading however restrictions are parasitic and should be thrown out.

Josh Wiebe

I think we should be locked down. I believe vaccines should be mandatory. No travel at all!

Chris Lefaivre

It is time for Dr Henry, Adrian Dix and John Horgan to stop and think about what they are suggesting. I might also add Tam and Trudeau.

They want us to stay home, no travel, no dining indoors, but, flights have continued for over a year from other countries bringing the virus and variant with them! Do not tell us to stay home when you left the back door open! This is your fault, not ours!

We wear masks, use hand sanitizer and most are getting the vaccine, what more can we do that you should have done 13 months ago?

Iris Campbell

I don’t think we need more restrictions but we do need more restrictions on traveling especially traveling on planes as people are getting sick when traveling on planes more restrictions on planes and in airports would be nice.

Jenine Tepsa

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