Work camps safe as can be

Re: Close work camps

I wanted to inform whomever wrote this letter that the mega project I and many of the people living in BC are currently a part of are subject to a Covid-19 test that must have a negative result before we are allowed to enter the airport to catch our chartered flight to work.

Our coworkers coming from out of province and the locals surrounding the project must also participate in this testing procedure before being allowed access to their designated mode of transportation to our site.

Our accommodations are stacked with security guards and physical barriers enforcing the strict sanitization and social distancing protocols.

The contractors are upheld to the highest standards outlined in their COVID Response Plans, which had to be submitted and approved by the site owner.

When we come home to our communities, we are happy to spend our paychecks boosting the local economy by ordering our favourite foods in home, paying the high delivery fees just so our mom and pop shops have a fighting chance in these trying times.

I sympathize deeply for any business currently not operating at their full capacity due to restrictions and personally do not support the closure of in house dining while retail chains are open and thriving but whoever is capable of earning money right now is happy to help where and when we can. Every penny we are able to make and spend in our home base is a penny put towards the future for all.

Brittney Hounslow

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