Trudeau's claims are false

Jagmeet Singh correctly said at their convention that the Liberals make promises and do not follow through on them. Look at the letter that a Liberal had published here on March 29. Pay attention to the start of the third paragraph, “Although not all the commitments have been established, several of the commitments require the federal and provincial governments to work together...”. That’s the usual Liberal rhetoric that they make promises and then vague excuses why they have not followed through and imply the blame lies with others. These are empty promises that promise nothing.

At the Liberal convention Trudeau was trumpeting his claim that the Liberals have a successful plan to fight COVID-19 and the Conservatives, who are not the government, do not. This is a tactic he learned from Donald Trump to accuse his opponent of what his own failing is. Let’s look at the facts. Paul Lucas was with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) from 1995 to 2012 and was CEO for 16 years. He has been retired for 9 years and wrote an opinion article in the Financial Post on January 14. GSK was involved with the production and distribution of H1N1 vaccine in 2009 working with public health and government (Harper) officials. Minister Leblanc stated on CTV’s Power Play that we don’t have any vaccine production in Canada because GSK closed its doors during the Harper years. Mr. Lucas wrote that GSK is still operational and manufactures annual flu vaccine for Canada. This is a Trump tactic to blatantly make false claims that suit his purpose and Trudeau learned from him. Trudeau also learned from Trump that if you say something often enough then people will start to believe it, and he is always trumpeting false claims of how well we are doing in vaccinating people. Will this prompt people to let down their guard like Trump did?

Even Donald Trump finally came around and provided $12 billion to the innovative pharmaceutical companies for vaccine development. The UK and Germany also funded development. Trudeau’s Liberal government did not provide any funding for this vaccine development. He has a very bad relationship with them. Mr. Lucas goes on to write that successive Liberal governments have created an unfavourable environment for investment and success of pharmaceutical companies. Now, like Trump, they accuse the Conservatives of what they did; to draw attention away from their utter failure to secure vaccines in a timely manner. Actually, the Mulroney and Harper governments supported the industry by improving the patent landscape and now this Trudeau government has amended it in 2017 and 2020.

In the Patent Act, section 19.4 (1) states, “The Commissioner shall, on the application of the Minister of Health, authorize the Government of Canada and any person specified in the application to make, construct, use and sell a patented invention to the extent necessary to respond to the public health emergency described in the application.“. In 2020 this Trudeau government added or amended subsection (9). It states, “The Commissioner shall not make an authorization under subsection (1) after September 30, 2020.“. If I read this correctly, it says that the commissioner shall not authorize a response to a public health emergency! This is from the Trudeau government that claims to be doing so much to help Canadians get through this pandemic (a public health emergency). Is there any surprise that Canada gets short shipped? But Trudeau does Trump-style grandstanding, and people actually believe him. Look at the facts.

Remember Justin Trudeau doing all his great grandstanding about him getting at it early and ordering vaccine from every company with enough to total something like being able to fully vaccinate every Canadian twice over, because we should buy enough to supply poor countries. What a nice man and a great leader (it would seem). Trudeau also provided funds to COVAX for distribution to poor countries, but he also gave some for Canada to draw on. Now it becomes more clear. Because of the abysmal relationship between Trudeau and the innovative pharmaceutical companies who do the developments, he did a shotgun approach in ordering large quantities from each so he only needed some to come through. Trudeau has refused to divulge any details of these publicly funded purchases and this is likely because he low-balled the price to them in accepting only quarterly commitments. We could not expect to receive the committed amount until the end of March which has led to a slow start to vaccinations and now being inundated with vaccine after many, many people have already died who may not have if we had vaccine in a timely manner. Trudeau also drew vaccine from COVAX in desperation to try to make up shortfalls, which some feel is unethical (and I’m one of them); but then he already has three convictions for unethical behaviour.

Trudeau was so desperate to get vaccine from other sources because of his relationship with the pharmaceutical companies that he actually tried to have a deal with China to obtain vaccine. I wonder why a pharmaceutical company would want to have its development here when the Canadian government is in bed with China, who acquires technology from others. This is also when China is holding two Canadian hostages.

Israel led the world in getting people vaccinated and they really don’t have any vaccine manufacturing facilities. Mr. Lucas wrote that an Israeli official said it was because of their good relationship with the pharmaceutical companies. So even if it was true what Leblanc falsely claimed, not having facilities is not an excuse for lack of vaccine.

In an article in the Calgary Herald on March 20, it writes about Pamela Fralick who is president of Innovative Medicines Canada. She said that over a span of two years 30 CEOs from multinational pharmaceutical companies wrote to Trudeau four times seeking a meeting. Trudeau did not even have the courtesy to respond to these important people to Canada. What gall Trudeau had in phoning the CEO of Pfizer when shipments of vaccine were delayed because of a plant shutdown in Belgium. Is it any surprise that Canada was shorted because of this shutdown (when Pfizer has other plants)?

Justin Trudeau’s performance has been abysmal. Now in his convention he is Trump grandstanding again. He is using a brainwashing technique using repetition of the word ‘real’. He makes Liberal claims repeating this word over and over again that implies that the opposition does not have anything real. Justin Trudeau is a prote?ge? of Donald Trump and one always has to wonder: what is true, what is half true, and what is absolute lie. Just wait until the upcoming election and you will see Trudeau accusing the Conservatives of being like Trump to point this away from himself. It boggles my mind that anyone would even begin to think of voting for someone who has actually been convicted of unethical behaviour; and he was three times convicted. But then it boggled my mind how many people voted for Donald Trump last time and there are a lot of people in the east who still support Trudeau.

By the way, I vote for the leader and I voted for Justin Trudeau in 2015, but I have not been stupid or nai?ve enough to vote for him again. I never forget the multiple black face episodes and the other unethical behaviour like the SNC Lavalin affair that bought him votes in Montreal. Like Trump was to the USA, Justin Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canada.

How many people would be alive today if Justin Trudeau was not the Prime Minister?

Jerrilynn DeCock, Penticton

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