Give wildlife a chance

Re: Amazing flying raccoon

Here is what I know about raccoons. They are urban wildlife. Because they are mostly nocturnal, the chief dangers they face are cars and people who frighten them up a tree and proceed to cut the tree down while the frightened animal is it.

Racoons can be a nuisance. If your house is in disrepair, they will take the opportunity to move in. They have good hand dexterity. If a yard has a lot of rubbish- like a pile of old furniture or tree branches, the pile can become a raccoon family's home.

As to dangerous? I disagree. If you disturb a nest of infant raccoons, the mother, and perhaps the pop racoon will defend their young. It's usually flight before fight. The raccoon in the video was described as a pest, but it clearly had sources of food and shelter. Cutting down a healthy tree to rid oneself of a pesky raccoon is
overkill. I have heard that playing a talk-show radio program will persuade raccoons to move elsewhere.

Mother raccoons. I understand, also have spare dens to move their babies when their home of choice becomes unbearable.

Please give wildlife a chance. Cutting down a tree with an animal who cannot fly away is not in the least amusing.

Helen Schiele

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