Hospitals not overwhelmed

Adrian Dix said in the April 6th news conference, "...our hospitals are at 89.5% capacity. Well below pre-pandemic levels."

Did everyone forget that "flattening the curve" was about ensuring the hospitals had time to prepare for a surge and to help prevent the system from being overwhelmed? Because we did that. The hospitals had the time to create protocols and supposedly the medical frontliners are vaccinated, so let's get on with opening up.

Our hospitals are not overwhelmed and they haven't even come close to it this entire pandemic. I ask people often how many people they think are in the hospital due to covid and almost every single person gets it wrong and always over estimates. Everyone assumes that the hospitals are packed with covid sufferers when they are not.

We need to start speaking the truth instead of penning flashy fear mongering headlines.
I have a real question. What kind of medical care are those people who would normally be filling that last 10-15% of hospital space getting? Clearly not hospital grade care. I can say, from my own personal lived experience, that getting good medical care, in these times, is a pathetic joke.

Michelle Cartmell

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