An inspiring story

Re: 'It brought me to tears'

The story of the founder of Okanagan Forest Task Force and his selfless devotion to keeping the backwoods safe and clean was inspiring.

I personally was unaware of this man's efforts to single handedly clean up after the deplorable behaviour of a despicable group of people but I know now.

We all, myself included, are quite content in our lives and don't give much thought to who these people are who take it upon themselves to put into action what are otherwise simply passing thoughts.

I am not a huge fan of what I see is overuse and reliance on GoFundMe but I am going to donate to this man to in some small way, thank him for being who he is.

To Kelowna Ford. I know Ken Hiles. He has been the service manager there for many years and he is a great example of the kind of people who work at this amazing dealership.

They are a business that I have trusted for years so it doesn't surprise me that they stepped up to offer their help to a truly deserving person.

Thank you to both Kelowna Ford and to Blake for reminding me that there are some really great people in our community.

Peter Haslock, West Kelowna

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