Putting out tiny fires

I am writing in regards to the obvious gaping hole in our province's COVID plan.

"Avoid unnecessary travel", is the political statement of the year. So why is it that every third vehicle I see now is from Alberta? What percentage of those are "essential travel"....2%?

Why is the government not mandating a ban on out-of-province vehicles in BC RV parks, campgrounds and vacation spots??

The majority of the people travelling into the province (seasonally) are retirees from Alberta who have a much higher risk of carrying, and therefore spreading, the virus. If you believe anyone in these places is respecting social distancing measures, you are in ignorance. Majority of the RV spots are far less than two metres apart, many with shared laundry, electrical, water, and sewage connections. Not to mention the increased density in stores, etc as a result of this influx, and decreased hospital beds. Most of these people are perfectly capable of staying at home or in their home province; this is just their vacation.

It's like the provincial government is putting out tiny campfires while a raging forest fire is quickly approaching from behind. A more appropriate provincial slogan would be "Come one, come all! Bring your disease and don't worry about paying".

Janet Brown

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