Why are we behind?

Re: Roll it out evenly

I agree with Gordan Hunt’s letter about unfair discrepancies in the roll-out of the COVID vaccine. Interior Health is not only slower, but there are unfair discrepancies within its system.

Could somebody look into why West Kelowna citizens are being treated like 2nd class citizens with regards to how soon we can access our COVID vaccines. Let me give you some examples:

My neighbour (86 years old) in West Kelowna is only able to get his vaccine this coming week, the same date as our friends in Vernon (74 and 72 years old) get their vaccines.

When my husband (80 years old) in West Kelowna was registering, he was told the first date he could have his vaccine in WK was April 12. When he asked about getting his vaccine in Kelowna, he was given a date of April 5 (which is only three days before our friends in Vernon get theirs, despite the six-year and eight-year differences).

Why is this happening, and can these unfair discrepancies be fixed before the second round of vaccines, or at least before the next pandemic?

Also, why is BC so far behind other provinces? We have friends and relatives in Alberta and Saskatchewan who are in their sixties and were vaccinated several weeks before our BC Interior Health residents in their eighties are going to receive theirs.

Lynne Wright, West Kelowna

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