Climate not a priority

Re: Carbon tax hasn't helped

Oh, thank you, you took the words right off my face! Now if we can just get the Conservatives (O’Toole) to quit following this ridiculous platform. We have so many bigger fish to fry and Canada is a far cry from the real violators (China, Russia, Japan etc). Besides, I’m a realist, this planet has cycled through billions of years of “climate change” and I consider our position in today’s world no different than the wear/tear of our planet with human beings and the passage of time. In fact, we’d be better served to minimize our population growth than do the grizzly Greta approach and tax us to our death beds.

While I never voted for Trudeau and never will I am hard pressed to consider O’Toole when he clearly hasn’t listened to his party who, by the way, represent Canadians, and denouncing any priorities to “climate change.”

Our country is in such disrepute from justice to racism that the climate holds little value to Canadians at this time.

Time to get on with business and making Canada strong and free, remember that’s what our soldiers fought and died for, not weather issues.

Chester Malcolm, Chilliwack

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