Respect your neighbours

Re: Come at me sister

Denise Schleppe, no need to keep your lawyer on speed dial.

I feel safe in saying nobody is enjoying the current covid situation but the majority of us support the temporary restrictions for the good of the whole population.

Which brings me to your point of view; you're willing to be arrested, and possibly sent to prison, because nobody is going to take away your constitutional rights.

I am not against that, Denise, however, I do object when your rights violate mine, and everyone else's. You may unknowingly infect me with the covid virus, and I could die. You good with that? I mean, you do have your rights. But let's take it one step further; let's say you give it to me, and I go the grocery store, insist on MY constitutional rights and don't wear my mask, and cough on your Mom. Now she has the virus. She dies. You still good with that, Denise. I mean, this is all about your constitutional rights, correct?

I think you can see where I'm going with this, Denise.

Here's something for you to ponder: the longer we resist the government restrictions, the longer the virus will be with us. But, if we all do our part for about a month, the virus will go away because it will run out of people to infect.

Seems to be that's a way better way to go.

I hope you never get the virus, Denise, and I hope your Mom stays healthy, too.

But if I ever need a good lawyer, I'll know who to call.

Al Paterson, Grand Forks

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