Kudos to the mayor

I would like to start by voicing my support for Penticton City Council, Mayor John Vassilaki, and MLA Dan Ashton. I admire their commitment to the City of Penticton and its taxpayers by standing up to the Provincial Government and demanding they be held accountable to their promises and not allowing Housing Minister Eby to bully us.

Many people in the community are choosing to make this stand about the homeless people using the temporary shelter, but it's about a much bigger picture and John, Dan, and City Council can see that clearly. The City stepped up at Eby's request and allowed a temporary winter shelter in a location that was clearly not ideal, some might even say it was irresponsible to allow that location to be used as a shelter at all. And now, when Eby has not produced on his promises, and Penticton is demanding he live up to those promises, Eby tries to change the narrative by asking for things he knows he can't have, forcing the city to say no, and then throwing it back at us to push his own agenda.

Eby's success in his position is measured by how many people he can get "off the street". A temporary shelter is not what off-the-street was meant to be. The goal is to manage mental and health issues, break addiction, find employment, and then become a contributor to the community to help others find their way out of the cycle. And that's what John, Dan, and the City Council want and demand Eby provide as promised.

Eby, however, is trying to use scare tactics to foster fear of what might happen without this temporary shelter. A shelter that was only needed because he and the Government has not produced the results promised for years. Eby has not only tried to foster fear, he then said that he would become elicit in making this fearful situation a reality. Is this not the definition of terrorism being used by the Government? "Terrorism, the use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

So thank you Dan Ashton, John Vassilaki, and the City Council for holding the Government accountable and for standing up to a bully.

Matthew Dennis, Penticton

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