Churches must resist

Re: Not in this together

The letter posted from John S hitting the nail on the head.

Let's look at the BC Churches and their response to BC lock down restrictions.

The major issue is BC churches are not united, between several different denominations!

The exception is there are three churches in BC who are united, and challenging Dr. Henry's church lock down rules in court!

If all BC churches unite with those three churches and take their case to court, that would be a united powerful voice against the church lock down rules.

Our church pastor, for example, preached on a few occasions during a church service, that we are obligated to obey COVID-19 church lockdown rules. And I suspect that other BC pastors are preaching similar messages, which causes more divisions among BC churches.

Pastors preaching similar messages are creating a division among churches. Example: in a religious Dutch town on October 1944 a German high ranking officer was killed by the Dutch underground. During a three day period part of the town was burned down and the total male population was deported to the German concentration camps.

Few escaped, 99.9 % of the deported male population did never return, before the male population was rounded up, there was plenty of opportunity to escape and to hide in the surrounding areas. The major cause of the obedience of the male population to the German occupiers was caused by the town churches, "obey the Government!"

If the BC churches can not refuse, to unite and let their voices know, nothing will change.

Robert van Bruinessen

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