Remember this failure

The opinion Poll Question “are you satisfied with the rollout of Covid 19 Vaccine in B.C.” is a little unfair to our province, because the province (as are all others) is very dependent on the federal rollout program.

And herein lies the problem; our Prime Minister has really demonstrated his lack of any management skills whatsoever; he has once again shown that his abilities are lacking for the job we have elected him to do, (well some of you), he has clearly shown he is inadequate for the salary he is being paid, and that his only real assets are his youth, his looks and his ability to read very condescending speeches.

Sorry Canada, but we (some of you) elected a Prime Minister who does not have the skills, the business acumen, the necessary expertise or judgement to run a country. I can only hope that all the Canadians who voted for Mr Trudeau remember when he calls the next election that he has royally failed this country with the supply of Covid19 vaccine, and this is on top of all his other failures and other unfulfilled promises. His legacy is going to be one huge debt that our kids and grandkids and their kids and grandkids will be paying for.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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