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Michelle, I applaud you for your take on gun control and the ability to safely own and use them. Well done to you and what you have accomplished. I am not an expert in all weapons but i was a small arms instructor with the Canadian forces and while i made a mistake in the caliber of a weapon, I typed 45MM and should have said 45 cal, to all i apologize. I am certain anyone who owns weapons can easily make the same mistake.

What my beef is and was is why does anyone outside the military or police need a weapon capable of firing semi automatic or full automatic in bursts. To me it just does make sense. Yes these weapons are really cool and nice to own but i am sure your hunting experiences did not require you to fire such weapons at any game.

So again, thank you for your experience and comments. Seems to me you are an expert on the handling and owning your weapons.

Dale Dirks, veteran

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