Not in this together

Are we really all in this together?

I think not! First the Canucks, now the WHL - its blatant discrimination! Why is the BC Government and Dr. Henry giving them the green light? If the average person can't even play outdoor or indoor sports except as singles or in household doubles why can hockey teams play? Are they essential services? Why wasn't the Canucks team put into the mandatory quarantine for 14 days like other people when two of their players tested positive before flying out to their opening game?

A friend of mine tested positive (or was it a false positive? ) but they weren't given the luxury of doing three more tests and everyone that was in close contact had to stay home and isolate. None of their contacts were even as close to the helmet to helmet clash that happens all game long as players fight over the puck but there was no getting out of isolating without risking a big fine. Yes, many lost two weeks work - but hockey players can play on!

People can shop in all the big box stores passing by 50+ people but they can't join those same people in a church. Why? Before closing churches completely the restrictions were sitting six feet apart and a maximum of 50 people (in a building that can hold 500) with everyone registering for contact tracing. In the box stores people enter without having to register and then pass by each other sometimes within inches, if a case was to arise where is the contract tracing?

On Feb 26 Castanet reported 13 covid infected flights into YVR. Why aren't airlines contacting everyone seated around the infected area - they do assign seating - while restaurants and churches (when they were open) have to get contact details for everyone just in case a "case" is reported.

So, in case people are wondering, I have nothing against hockey players or box stores or airlines but why are they able to operate outside the strict rules that everyone else has to abide with? There are many other unfair restrictions placed on some but not others and so no, we are not all in this together and it's discrimination pure and simple.

John Staring, Summerland

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