Kelowna needs a gondola

I have mentioned before about getting a gondola car system for visitors of Knox Mountain instead of opening the road to car traffic.

FYI... The City of Edmonton's gondola car project across the river in the downtown area has moved to one of the final steps for approval.

Plus, we have three ski mountains within 30 kms with probably 100 gondolas already working... so WHY can't we have one for Knox?

It’s fun for tourist, it helps keep the wildlife from being stressed by vehicle traffic and allows the road to remain closed for walkers/hikers.

  • Every City needs a unique item to draw people to and to claim as an icon.
  • Seattle has the Space Needle AND a ferris wheel.
  • London has a ferris wheel.
  • Banff and soon Edmonton will have a gondola car system.
  • St. Louis has the Arch

and the list goes on.

It can be financed local by community businesses who want to sponsor a pylon and/or a gondola car. A small tv inside the gondolas for more advertising revenue and interesting trivia about Kelowna and the Valley.

Kelowna needs a gondola car system.

Just Sayin’

Bill Ferguson

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