God bless the hospital staff

May I express my feelings of an experience my wife and myself had within our health system.

On Feb. 4 I was in KGH undergoing a Tavi procedure (replacement of the aorta valve). The end result was not what I expected and was, and a week later, admitted to PRH for a second surgical procedure namely a Pace Maker installed near my heart.

Three days later my wife was admitted to PRH and was interred over a period of four days as an in-patient. This letter is intended to bring to the attention of all Okanagan residents the superb health system that we have. The women and men who care for all of us, the backbone of the system should and must be honoured, respected and thanked without conditions. The nurses et al, their hard work, their dignity, their skills and their smiling faces are something we should never forget.

So to all my fellow Canadians, at least follow the virus protocols presently in place. It is our individual responsibility to do as we are instructed by those in positions of responsibility and thereby helping our medical staff at the same time. May God bless all hospital staff . Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ted and Patricia Douglas

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