Lack of common sense

It really is annoying to read many of the opinions with regard to snowbirds.

It seems that people are writing with emotions boiling over, ignoring most or all of the facts.

You might have guessed already, I am one of those snowbirds.

I am a big believer in science and practice social distance everywhere I can, wearing a mask even on empty streets when walking the dog and obey to government restrictions and orders so long they make at least some sense.

But here is exactly what is missing with many of those orders, sense! And people seem to have lost the most important thing you NEED in life, common sense!

Please think before you speak or write with hate or ignorance! We snowbirds, not to be mistaken with spring breakers, are between three and six months out of country. As soon as we hit the road with a big RV or we board a plane, we are no more risk to any other Canadian, full stop!

We are not lining up twice a week at Costco, Canadian Tires, Superstore, Walmart or a gas station, restaurant, coffee shop or bakery. We are not walking our dog on Canadian streets or in the park, go to our family doctor, a walk in clinic or the emergency room or are by any other means a risk to any of you. So what the heck is your problem with us?

The only time of risk is when we return to Canada and that risk is in the 0.003%, which is a well educated guess because 90% of us will come back home between March and May fully vaccinated, arrive with a negative PCR test and are willing to self isolate at our home for another 14 days. Again, what the heck is your problem with us?

Now you please take your eyes off the snowbirds and look at other actions or non actions our government is taken without any sense. The land borders allow over 90% travellers in to Canada unchecked. Not even a negative Covid test required while sitting on millions of quick tests. Seriously?

They asked Canadian airlines to stay out of business to sun destinations for at least 3 month and let American airlines instead serve that sector.

They want to avoid that travellers bringing the virus mutations from other countries to us, I get that, but they still let planes from many high risk countries land on a daily basis strategically on all 4 airports of our country! Seriously?

Our government want to avoid Spring Breakers from travelling, I get that. Their only shot to do so is to make it very difficult for them to return home. Fair enough and makes some sense, anything else unfortunately makes no sense!

Matter of fact is, we are all very unfortunate to have a very bad leadership in Canada. We should be one of the leading countries when it comes to vaccine supplies and distributing it at light speed. This is no rocket science, it is a simple task for a competent government.

But unfortunately we are now ranked somewhere 65 in the world because most decisions made zero to little sense or were simply made too late because the focus were on things like the snowbird. Ridiculous and shameful.

Guido Gonschorek, Kelowna

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