Buyback just showmanship

Trudeau seems to think that banning guns will prevent people from getting shot, if that’s the case why then do we suffer rising cases of people dying from illegal street drugs? Just as addicts manage to get illegal drugs the criminals will continue to get illegal guns so all the recent gun ban and buyback program will do is to rack up hundreds of millions of additional debt. The $300 - $400 million ear marked for this program would be better utilized and actually save Canadian lives if it were diverted to our backlogged medical system.

The Liberals already wasted $1 billion on a gun registry that was created in 1995 which was originally given a budget of $85 million, this program proved to be a costly mistake that didn’t save any lives and has since been disbanded.

Reduction in shooting deaths would have a better chance and save the tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars by implementing tougher penalties for crimes committed using firearms, laws tough enough to be a real deterrent not like the current ones where murders get a chance at parole a few years after they have killed their victims. The cost of establishing tougher new laws would be nothing, Trudeau’s recent gun ban and buyback program is just showmanship on his part at the tax payer expense, proof he’s planning on calling for a spring election.

Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country

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