Where are we going?

I read with interest the numerous proposals for high rise developments in Kelowna. It appears that all our council wants is higher density and more residents. Perhaps we have forgotten the reasons that made Kelowna popular. A nice quiet community with easy access, a great lake for swimming and boating, plentiful farms for fresh fruit and vegetables, driving on unclogged roads.

What we have gotten is horrible congestion on our roads, farmland lost to developers, clogged beaches, what was a beautiful lake now congested with boats. Soon we will not need another bridge as you won’t be able to move once you get here and you will be able to walk across the lake simply going from boat to boat. Why are we even entertaining high rises on a proven flood plain?

We have increased our tax base with high rise buildings and yet our council still wants to raise taxes. Think about the taxes from the old houses and industrial along Clement Avenue and what we have today. What is the cost going to be to service all this development and who is paying. All I see is bike lanes and walking paths. I for one am not riding a bike, taking a bus or walking to Costco, Superstore, the Golf Course, the local farms or my recreational Cottage.

I certainly will not entertain moving to one of these new developments that don’t even come with a parking stall. We could save money by laying off our planning department as council does not follow their recommendations. Developers just apply for a variance. The good Lord gave each of us a brain but it appears the user manuals got lost en route. Do we really want this? I don’t.

Bruce Williams, Kelowna

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