Why waste that pipe?

A lot of energy and manufacturing went in to creating the thousands of kilometres of Keystone pipe that sits on the ground. Seems we now have a lot of pipe sitting around with no place to go, and a whole lot of people who may be looking for pipeline jobs.

Would Canada maybe wake up to the fact we could ship eastward to New Brunswick by simply adding this Keystone pipe to our pipeline that terminates in eastern Ontario? Ship Canadian sourced oil to the Atlantic, and create Canadian jobs, retool the eastern refineries if required, and export any surplus to better our trade balance.

Let's rethink the Keystone fiasco, and make it a positive result for Canada -- a coast to coast pipeline, part of the dream of an infrastructure corridor strengthening our east to west ties.

If our governments want to blame America for the demise of Keystone and the future tax base we've lost, then they need to stop the internal politics, be responsible and do what is right for Canada. Get the Energy East line finished and operational and move our treasure to market while it is still of value to the world.

Is it such a big deal that we can not do this for us?

Neil Stephenson, Kelowna

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