Above and beyond

I am compelled to write this because the actions of a couple of individuals at KGH, needs to be acknowledged.
My father is on 6W at KGH. 6W is the COVID ward.

He has been there for 5 or so days having had to undergo surgery for a COVID related blood clot in his leg.
Not being able to see family and friends can make a hospital stay of any duration, difficult so any type of distraction is invaluable.

My dad is a voracious reader but of course doesn't have access to his computer or the type of books he enjoys. The capper is that the only other form of entertainment, the TV, was out of commission as were many of the TVs on the ward.

The hospital staff are beyond busy caring for patients so TV repair, while important, doesn't necessarily make it to the top of the list.

We are fortunate however to have a friend who works for the contract maintenance company Black and McDonald. He was on duty last night and he stepped up in a big way when he heard of the problem.
He, through his own determination, was able to diagnose the problems they were having with several of the TVs and fix it quickly and efficiently.

The staff on the ward were thrilled at the result as were the patients who now had a means of "escape"while they went about the task of healing.

While it may sound like a small thing, it really wasn't. It was as stated in the title of this piece "above and beyond" and I and my family and especially my dad, are deeply grateful for the care and attention demonstrated by Joe McDonald (no relation to the company name) and his colleague.

It is action like this that drives home the COVID mantra "we are all in this together".

Thank you Joe. You're amazing.

And thanks to the wonderful team who are taking the absolute best care of my dad. They are brave beyond belief and we are so thankful.

Peter Haslock, West Kelowna

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