Curfews are for kids

Re: COVID-19 curfew thoughts

Curfews really don’t stop the spread of any virus.

They merely increase pedestrian traffic to those times between curfews. Which logically would increase exposure at those times.

I really fail to see the logic inherent in such measures. So for the above reasons I am opposed to curfews!

Susan Monroe

We don’t need curfews, that’s for kids. We are grown adults.
So no I wouldn’t support it, time with my friends is more important then that. I’m tired of the restrictions and would like to see some of them go soon.

Jenine Tepsa

It's interesting that curfews have been imposed in some areas to try and prevent the spread of Covid-19. I think the only way this could make sense is if you are operating under the assumption that most people are not already following the guidelines and are having social interactions in those times that the curfews would apply.

However, if we assume that most people are already following the guidelines, all a curfew is going to do is force more people into the grocery stores and other public places at the same time rather than allowing those interactions to be spread out. We saw this locally where many stores - including banks - severely limited their opening hours early on after the pandemic hit. The result was more people and longer lineups in the mall and other public places - introducing more risk of transmission rather than less.

It seems that curfews are a politically easy thing for governments to introduce to give the appearance that they are taking drastic measures to prevent the spread of covid - when in fact the measure, at the very best likely does nothing, and at the worst may actually increase the spread.

Richard Millard, Penticton

No I would not support a curfew. It’s a ridiculous idea. It’s not helping. The purpose of a curfew has nothing to do with Covid. Closing down places of faith also has nothing to do with Covid. Time to wake up.

Pauline Leskosek

Good idea in the dead of winter — not much to do at night anyone right now, not much open. Save let people exercise outside till a certain time.

Mary Seniuk

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