This isn't North Korea

I believe that it is time for everyone to read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The governments have allowed international flights to arrive, provincial borders still open and shopping at Walmart, Costco and malls still seems to be okay for hundreds of people daily. Just look at the parking lots, it is not okay to practice your faith in god, attend church.

If the stores can be open safely, I believe churches should be allowed to practice their faith as well.

I have no issue with doing my part, hand sanitizing, social distancing but I do have an issue with the mask mandate.

I do not believe that the wearing of masks is healthy long term. Just wait for the long term health issues from people wearing masks eight hours a day. China has been wearing masks for over 10 years now and what has that done for them?

I believe that we have the right to protest, safely, without being ticketed. Without people being able to express their concerns, we will be walked over as a country. Our rights are slowly being eroded way.

I am tired of politicians and authorities making rules for us the people but have no problem not following their own rules.

What is even worse is that they are allow to resign, not fired.

The seniors in care homes have not been protected by all elected officials. They are the true gold of our country, fought for freedom in wars, struggled through depression years, escaped from communism. Yet, we are unable to make sure that they live out their golden years safely, with their families beside them.

I am very tired of governments telling me who I can have in my home, not to be able to see my family and friends. The government does not pay the mortgage/rent, bill or taxes. We are still excepted to work and pay our taxes.

There is so much censorship going on right now, with the web and media. We should all be very concerned about this.

We do not live in North Korea, China, Russia or Cuba where the people have no say what so ever.

Ask any person that has been able to escape from one of these countries why they love living in Canada; they would answer freedom!

I am exercising my right under the Charter, the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. I am prepared for the negative feed back, but isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Mary Mann

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