Canadian cheaters

Canadian Snowbirds in Arizona will be eligible for complimentary Covid vaccines in Arizona at the same time as Arizona residents. Apparently the same is true in Florida and likely other Snowbird states.

Consider this. Say the first vaccine tranche is 76 to 80. A 76 year old Canadian gets his. You or your father, an Arizona resident are 75 and have to wait. You get Covid while waiting. You die. That is fair as that is Arizona’s rule. But no. The Canadian had a choice. The Canadian was urged to stay home by my government, Canada. The Canadian was forbidden to drive cross the border in to the United Stares by U.S. law.

Why does the United States allow Canadians to fly in for non essential reasons? Stupid! The US allows commercial truckers to drive across the border as they transport essential goods. Apparently they don’t define essential goods. So Canadian cheaters send their RVs across the border 75 miles with these commercial essential service trucking companies. They then fly the 75 miles, pick up their RVs and head south. If they get Covid, notwithstanding their early

complimentary vaccine, they further stress the medical profession and the hospitals. If in a high Covid region like Los Angelas or the worst, El Central, they may take an American’s bed, perhaps an American with Covid, with a heart attack or a near fatal accident. El Centro incidentally had to helicopter 500 patients to other hospitals as much as 300 miles away in a 2 month period. Some no doubt died.

The Canadians made the stupid decision, a selfish decision, to jump the line. In hindsight they decided to beat their fellow Canadians and to prejudice younger Americans. Americans made the stupid decision to allow non essential flights in when their policy, evidenced by closed land borders, is to protect their own residents.


And, as of today many Canadian politicians are guilty, taking out of country vacations, some including a Minister of Finance forced to resign.

The Canadian Snowbird Association estimates 900,000 Canadians normally spend their winters in southern states. The estimate this year is down to 270,000, too many.

I’m disgusted. This is really stupid! This is a pandemic.

If I get it, I die. Dead is forever.

Steve Barnes, Kamloops

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