No more retail please

Re: What to replace Costco

Now that (rightly or wrongly) Costco will be allowed to move its location, there will be a huge chunk of land at the old location. We really don’t need any more retail locations or malls or shopping plazas to be set up in this space. Covid-19 has shown how much people like buying on-line, and that is definitely a sign for the future. So how about a “civic” development, maybe a new ice arena for the Rockets (that would allow their downtown site to be redeveloped into tourist space), how about an Olympic swimming pool or sports centre with indoor running track, (like the Olympic Oval in Richmond) a place that could bring in more sports tournaments. There are several hotels in the area within walking distance for teams / supporters, the site would have ample parking.

Yes it would require some City funding and I’m sure there might be government funding available down the road, BUT PLEASE, no more retail space, let’s do something for the area, do something for the City that can do some good.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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