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The sports community of Kelowna (all neighbourhoods) really needs a multi sport facility (not another soccer dome or arena) but for court specific sports. Pickleball, volleyball, basketball and gym court rentals are next to impossible to find in Kelowna and that location would bring a lot of business to the local shops being built or currently around that area. Moms could drop their kids off to play their sport and then go do running around to Walmart, Home Depot or just go hit some balls at golf town. Yes the ladies like to do that too! Adult sport groups could play games and then head to some of the restaurants in the area too. I think it would be ideal! I believe the roof is high enough for all court sports to be played on so I think the city of Kelowna should do something for the youth and athletes who play court sports as we continuously build places to play soccer and hockey, yet court sports have just as many athletes and now more than ever (with schools closing their gyms for COVID but also the school district tightening rentals).

I feel that that area would be amazing to have a multi-court facility where all sports can flourish and keep the kids of Kelowna out of trouble and in the gym!

Tammy Thomas, T2 Volleyball

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