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Re: Remove Trump from office?

For the last four years I have been saying what is this guy doing as I am sure everyone else did except for those that actually like the guy. Or do they? Donald Trump is no president, he is a president in name only. He should have been removed after the first impeachment but he has brainwashed so many people even those in his own party.

I believe the only reason he is still there is because the Republicans are scared for their lives now from the mob he has created. I hope and pray for the American people that stand against Trump the terrorists leader and those in his party that voted for the impeachment. The new president will have a lot of work trying to fix the mess that was created.

Julius Whitlock

Yes please get rid of Trump he is the worst president America ever had.

He needs anger management classes as clearly he has an anger problem.

Bye Bye Trump

Jenine Tepsa

Yes remove him. Should have removed him the first time around but no, Republicans scoffed at the Dems.
So Trump continued being Trump and his followers with similar instincts and few brain cells followed and voila. Riot. Deaths

Removal of Trump will send a message but his poison will carry on with or without him.

We in Canada have our differences. Let us hope it never gets to this level of disrespect, violence and hatred

Elaine Hatch

You don’t have to be a psychic to see what was in store for the United Sates when Trump became the President. He is a want-to-be dictator and loves being in the presence of evil dictators. It’s all about the ability to hold other’s lives in his hands. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Kim Jong un, Putin kill millions of people with a wave of their lethal wands and these are his heroes. He gave a voice to evil and had a band of Senators supporting him out of fear for their careers, or so they could keep their jobs and status.

His only concern is himself, because he knows, once he has lost his presidency, those who he has done wrong will be coming for him!

Beverly Horne

This President has done more good for the people of the USA than most others. The continuous anti-Trump slander the main stream media spouts out both in our country and the US is outrageous. Has anyone seen the actual video of the President inciting a violent protest? Or are they just believing the lies of the far left main stream media. It's high time the pompous Trump bashing Canadians start focusing on what our so called leader is doing in this country, lying, breaking the law, racist, sexist, promoting communism and prejudiced are just a few titles we can paste on him.

The US was just getting back on it's feet with a booming economy, lowest unemployment, controlled immigration policies to name a few. It will be sad to see President Trump go, but on a positive note maybe the Dems will actually start doing their job instead of whining about the president 24/7.

Dave Yelland

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