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What our government do not seem to have learned is that you can pass all the laws you want, but if those laws are stupid then people won't respect them. Take for example the HOV lane in Kelowna; it's a stupid idea and it doesn't work, therefore people don't take any notice, and it is largely unenforceable.

So it is with some of these lockdown rules. The 14 year old girl asking to play hockey with her team has more common sense than our government. She sits all day long in the classroom with the same girls she's not allowed to play hockey with after school. I'm not a religious person, but why is it safe to allow a hundred people into a grocery store, where they can pass within inches of somebody else, but it is not safe to have 50 people in a church quietly praying? Let's not forget though that Dr. Henry has said it's okay to pray or contemplate on your own. Wow, that's very generous of her.

When Dr. Henry first stood up in March last year and told everyone to be kind and safe she was hailed as the next Mother Teresa. Now, nearly a year later, we realize that she has no better idea about the virus than anybody else, the measures taken to date haven't worked and yet she continues to double down on those measures. As the Chief Health Officer for the province surely she is there to advise the government, not to make executive decisions. I didn't vote for Bonnie Henry and nor did anyone else in this province, so why is she making decisions that affect everybody's lives? This is the job of our Minister of Health Adrian Dix and yet he is almost the invisible man. To this point he has been happy to bask in the reflected glory of Bonnie Henry, but now that her shine is wearing off, can he continue to hide? It should be Dix and Horgan that take responsibility for what is happening, I don't doubt that they will be happy to throw Dr. Henry under the bus if public opinion turns against her.

So what do we make of the news that J.T.Miller will not be traveling to Edmonton with the Canucks? Is this important I hear you ask? Yes it is, because he tested positive for the virus and was told he couldn't play. However a subsequent test came back negative, so the test was repeated and was positive again. A fourth test was taken and this too came back negative. Four tests, two of which were positive and two negative. What are we to make of this? It seems to me there are three possibilities here:

1. The test kit itself is totally unreliable.
2. The staff administering the test are incompetent.
3. The test results are not being correctly analysed.

Any one of these throws into doubt all the figures we are being given about the number of "cases" out there.

In another of today's stories, Canada's national panel of vaccine experts have decided that they know better than the vaccine manufacturers and are planning to administer the essential second dose of the vaccine up to six weeks after the first one. This will of course make it look better for them as it will appear that thousands of people have had the vaccine, when in fact all they have had is a partial dose.

Just to recap, Pfizer and Moderna conducted clinical trials on thousands of people over a period of months and concluded that the vaccine was most effective when administered in two doses, one 3 weeks after the other. Now we have a panel of experts, who have conducted no clinical trials, and whose knowledge of the vaccine comes from the manufacturers themselves, who have decided to give the second dose up to six weeks after the first one. Will it work? Well we don't know, but it appears that our government is quite happy again to give medical officers free rein over our lives and use us as guinea pigs for their own theories.

All the time we continue to lose sight of the real problem. The elephant in the room is long-term care homes. These account for nearly 80% of the deaths in Canada and yet the government has not directed funds to mitigate the problem, instead they prefer to apply lockdown rules to the entire community, putting at risk everyone's health and sanity.

Peter Emery, Kelowna

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