Ideas for old Costco site

Re: What to replace Costco?

Since development of the local farmer's market at the corner of Springfield and Benvoulin roads appears stalled, why not use the current Costco building as a year round market site? Lots of room, good ventilation and refrigeration for vendors as needed. Part of the parking lot could be designated for overnight parking by RV visitors. Perhaps install waste disposal site for them.

Hugh Philip, Kelowna

I think it would be a good idea for somewhere for kids to skateboard or scoot inside with a roller rink like we did before at the board walk — concession stands and good music — kids need a place to hang and have fun. We have enough malls and dealerships and businesses.

Kris Brabandt

I really think an indoor sports facility for our community would be amazing. With hot summers and cold winters, the need for recreation space is so needed. It is so hard finding space to rent that would accommodate indoor sports.

It would be an awesome gift especially post covid.

Tracey Bennett, social worker

After watching the video of what should go into the old Costco, I was surprised that no one said a recreational facility. It would be great if there was more space for adult leagues to play indoor sports. This would open up school gym space for student teams and after school club teams to use the school district gyms. It’s always a challenge to try and accommodate both.

Leslee Keating

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