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Re: Remove Trump from office?

Donald Trump should be removed from office by the Senate and he should be prosecuted criminally and civilly in order to show the American public that in the Unites Sates Of America “no man is above the law”.

To not take these above noted actions would show people that any future President can do almost anything without fear of any accountability.

Larry Orr, Penticton

He is a good man — man of integrity and morals and will be reflected in for another four years. Truth and justice. Win.

Don & Better Brown

I am extremely disappointed to see Castanet would even post the results of a survey on such a historic, delicate, important event without waiting to get at least 1 person with a different opinion! There are approximately 100 million Americans and 100’s of millions around the world, including Canada, who do not share the opinion of the few you interviewed and are extremely concerned with what is taking place not only in the U.S.A. but globally.

To think that Castanet posted this survey because you might share the views of those you interviewed and may wish to possibly influence the opinion of others by using your media platform is deeply troubling to me. If that should be your intent then I have lost a lot of respect for the way Castanet does their reporting.

Phil Peter

We strongly think that Donald Trump needs to be removed from office and convicted. Growing up in Germany a daughter of parents who immensely suffered during WWII, the events of last week shook me to the bones.

Trump needs to be removed and convicted that he cannot run for any public office again in his life. He is a very dishonest and dangerous man, for the entire world, not just for the US. He encourages the rise of Neo-Nazis in many countries.

Thank you for doing this, asking us Canadians about this very unsettling situation south of the border.

Renata & Doane Gregory, Osoyoos

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