Letter: Property Rights

To the editor:

What a disgrace that our elected government officials are making villains out of tax paying citizens! They all should have done their homework before trying to bully the owners of this property.

What many (or most) people do not understand is that there are dozens of properties in the area extend to both sides of the creek. I know this because I owned a home on Raymer Road that backed onto Bellevue Creek. My property line was the far side of the creek. We were told this when we bought the property. We could not use the property but it was OURS. This phenomenon has happened because of re-aligning the creeks over the years to help in flood control.

The Greenway is a Jewel of a park and the people behind the development of it should be commended on it's development. It is the City and Provincial governments that have made a mess of this and have led to the vilification of the property owners.

Enough is enough. I see an alarming trend with all levels of Government since 911. There has been a slide into extreme right wing politics and idea that they (government) can trample on citizens' personal rights and get away with anything "they" deem necessary.

Until the owners of this property and the public have an apology from the Provincial and local Government we should all be concerned about how this incident could effect our property rights, personnel freedoms and our faith in elected Governments.

Your property could be next!


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