No longer nice Canadians

The hatred and intolerance of some people writing letters to Castanet to me is truly mind blowing. Because some don't agree with them, they should die, how kind!

I'm not an anti-vaxxer, I'm pro vaccine for some things and for others, I leave it up to the individual to decide, your body, your choice. Do you wish death and sickness upon the millions of Canadians who don't get the flu vaccine every year? Most don't in most years.

I have never taken a flu vaccine, not because I'm afraid of it but because I don't need it, I'm healthy. In the future if my health changes will I then take it? Maybe but I will not wish death upon those that chose not to. 

I have no plans to take the COVID vaccine. Why? Because I'm healthy and not worried about getting it. The facts have shown that it's not killing the healthy. If you want to take it, go for it! I will not judge you, I will not wish you sickness. Your body, your choice. 

Bigger question. If the vaccine protects you, why do you care if I take it? You're protected right? You can't get it because you took the vaccine, I can't get you sick so why does it bother you so much?

If the vaccine doesn't protect you, why are you taking it then?

Our government and media have done a great job dividing this great country. We are no longer the nice Canadians. It's sad.

Keith Gossen, Peachland

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