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Re: Travel virus passport coming 

Please keep in mind there are already many countries requiring certain vaccine records before you’re allowed entry.

Aside from valid ID, a travel passport and/or entry visa requirements, there are also countries requiring proof of Yellow Fever vaccine - 17 countries in fact!

If you are travelling on a Filipino passport, there are 10 countries that require you have proof of vaccination from Polio.

You said “one day we wake up and realize everything has changed”. You are correct. This is life. This is not shocking. This is history. As history has changed over time, so it will continue to moving forward. Why should we, as you put it, “band together across nations to unite against these ridiculous developments”?

Many of “us” welcome these developments including travel virus passports. Many of us are not afraid of change and are happy with government safety protocols. We accept this and don’t feel that safe action for the greater good infringes on personal freedoms. As a matter of fact, many of us are happy to oblige - we are the unselfish.

If you’re afraid of change then you’re afraid of history. What a sad state of mind.

Bethany Wright

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