Who needs an opposition?

Why do we need an opposition in Canada at an exorbitant amount of money along with a Senate? My reason for this statement seems obvious to me since we have so many well established journalists who repeatedly take the present government to task and most of them must have wages larger then most MPs but perhaps don't have the perks.

Lilly, Coyne, Gable, Petryk, Murphy to name a few openly criticize Government and have no problems making government accountable which i am told  is the official oppositions job   and i believe they do a much better job of it.  

So it would cost Canadian tax payers less money to have journalist throughout Canada which we have and paid by the companies they work for rather then us tax payers.

Just a thought and I believe after reading the journalists comments, most at least publish what they believe are useful comments  and solutions unlike MPs who criticize with no solutions.

Dale Dirks, Veteran

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