Stop printing that stuff

Re: Travel virus passport coming

Stop printing crap please!

Thank goodness, finally we have a true philosopher king/queen in our midst.  I say we give the keys to the realm to the all knowing, all seeing, and clearly the most qualified human around, Kim Dobranski.  What an education she provides. 

Or, we could continue to listen to the medical, virus, epidemiologist experts that are guiding us to the best of their expert abilities based on lifetimes of experience. 

We should also thank our BC government for doing a great job. Not perfect, but what is? This is a massive novel problem, and I think they have done an excellent job, unlike their counterparts to the east of the Rockies, and the train wreck to the south. 

I doubt that I possess the genius level critical thinking skills that Kim has, but that’s what I think.  I also, think, we the citizens, should band together and write in to outlets like Castanet and tell them we don’t want this crap printed.  Sure it does provide a good chuckle, but considering what we are seeing to the south, this crap is dangerous, and not very funny.  Not funny, because many people don’t posses the level of critical thinking abilities that our esteemed educator Kim does, as evidenced by the two comments responding positively to her ridiculous crap.

W. McGuire

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