Concern not conspiracy

I had to have a bit of a laugh at the letter titled "Anti-Maskers Living in Fear".

It is amazing how you can paint all anti-maskers with one brush. Mud slinging at it's best.

You said: "I’ve yet to find a protester who is simply against wearing masks...the whole thing for them is always tied in with a conspiracy theory about Covid being a hoax to allow the “deep state” to take over the world."
I want to challenge that statement.

I, personally, don't think Covid is a hoax, I know it's a real virus. The fear that is peddled is the hoax, and I can not explain to you WHY this might be, but I can clearly see the gaps in the information and the lack of proper explanation from our so-called "health authorities".

You see, there is a great disparity between what we have been led to believe about the virus and the data backing it up. Reading a headline might make you feel informed, but it rarely accurately relates any real information.

I can't make you look into recent scientific data that shows that masks have no effect on reducing transmission rates for Covid, despite what we think, and may in fact increase chances of illness (See the 2020 Danish Study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and check this list of studies and data put together by Swiss Policy Research). It's something you'll just have to look into for yourself.

I mean, if we anti-maskers are so crazy, there shouldn't be any real data to back it up, right? So it should be an easy and short research session for you.

I also can't make you do research to see that 72% of the 479 deaths in BC are people over the age of 80 and living in long term care homes. People who have been strictly isolated and had some of the highest PPE protocols in the province. Just in case you're curious, average lifespan in Canada is 82.5 years old.

I can't make you look at the information given in the Covid conferences that show our provincial hospitals are only at 40-60% critical care capacity (depending on region) with surge space unoccupied and still available. We have 206 critical care beds in the province, and currently 79 people are in critical care for Covid (38% total capacity).

I also can't make you do the research into the fact that 21,000 people in this province have tested positive for, and recovered from, this virus. That's 99% recovery rate, and as such those people are immune and technically exempt from the mask policy).

The final thing that I would like to mention is that to say the Qanon movement is "currently considered the greatest domestic terrorism threat" is completely laughable. I personally don't subscribe to the beliefs the Qanon people hold, but they are far from a terrorist threat. Qanon followers don't call for violence, they don't gather and start violence, they don't condone or cause harm to others. I'm curious what they have done to deserve such a label. Clearly you have not taken the time to actually look into it for yourself.

You see, I'm not afraid of change. I'm however worried that we're making a lot of big decisions and changes based on some very poor information. Having legitimate concerns about the data we're fed doesn't make me some kind of conspiracy theorist, and having looked at the data and numbers myself does not leave me uneducated.

Michelle Cartmell

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