Man up and grow up

So here we go again! Adults thinking only of themselves. Let’s go to Alberta, play hockey, drink beer and possibly win a medal or 500 dollars which really means nothing in these times.

Whether you believe in the virus or not doesn’t matter. You are all self-centred, mindless individuals, greedy. How stupid. l could go on and on.  As you only can see yourself as immortal have fun on your 14 day isolation. NOT.

As usual other groups and mostly kids now have to suffer because of your dumb decision. Good job.
Oh and just because your now thinking what a smuck this guy is writing this. Well think again l’m 60 years old still playing hockey golf and softball. I’m active and choose wisely with  things in my life. I listen to Bonnie Henry. I don’t always agree with her but l abide by the guidelines.

Good job boys. You should feel very proud of yourselves. What a legacy and role model you have given our youth and society in general. I was not raised with this selfishness when l was growing up.
So in closing man up and grow up. Enjoy your medal.

Mike Steele

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